The Grade 6 Sleepover

Posted by Admin on November 18, 2019 at 11:19 AM

By Etta, Naomi, Tara, Shannon, Aya, Fadumo, Ivy, Ella, Zakiyah, and Savannah

On Thursday, October 3rd, the Grade 6s had a sleepover. At the sleepover, we did many things.

We went grocery shopping at Loblaws, and we walked there. We paired up in different groups per category of food — “fruit”, “vegetables”, “meat”, “shelf stuff”. We each had a list, and we had to find the food. We learned how to find stuff in that Loblaws, how to compare prices and sizes, how to find each other independently, and how to solve food-related problems.

At the sleepover, we made our own food — dinner, breakfast, snacks and dessert. For dinner, we had tacos and burritos, and we tried new combinations of food, like beans, rice, and meat. We learned how to make meals. Making the guacamole was a new experience for some of us, and the guacamole was very delicious. Also, mixing mango juice and lemonade is the best thing — you should try it. We also made s’mores up on the roof. We roasted marshmallows over candles, and some people even melted their chocolate and warmed up their graham crackers too! For breakfast, we had cinnamon buns with fruit and caramel sauce, which accidentally came with the veggie platter-yum! It was kind of a good thing but not with the veggies.

When we set up the tents, it was spitting rain, and we all got damp. Some people’s hair even looked like it had snow in it from the mist. The big tent was hard to set up, and we were confused, so Ellen-the-Generous helped us out. When we went to bed, it was really cold in the tent, and some people stayed up for the whole night. However, we were bundled up in our sleeping bags, and there were lots of people in each tent, so we kept each other warm. The green tent was lighting up from Shannon’s lantern, and the dark green tent was very dark. We enjoyed having friends in our tents, hearing the rain falling, and sleeping under the stars.

We did two phenomenal activities as a full group. The first was hide and seek in the dark. For this activity, we turned off all of the lights in the front of the school and the gym (except for the hallway lights, which are automatic) and only had flashlights. It was scary, but it was fantastically awesome. It was fun to move around the school in the semi-dark and in our pyjamas and slippers. The second activity was Touch the Back, and it was Ellen-the-Generous’s idea. It’s a game where everybody closes their eyes, and two-three tappers are chosen. The tappers touch the back of somebody who represented the phrases said by Ellen (e.g., someone who made you laugh today, someone who you respect, someone who is open-minded, someone who you want to get to know better, etc.). We couldn’t stop smiling as we were tapped by our classmates.

We hope the current Grade 5s/future Grade 6s will enjoy this incredible sleepover next year.

Photo Credit: Savannah Barker