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Grade 10 Student Wins Scholarship to AI Education Program

Senior math teacher Sang Lee and Grade 10 student Nasinya Patterson celebrate her award.

Valentine Cards – with a Linden Twist

Linden’s Athletes Revel in Returning to Competitions at Basketball Season Wraps Up

Linden’s basketball team with Coach Sang Lee.

Linden Classrooms: Platforms for Conversation & Learning Across Grades

Grade 8 French students.

A Beautiful Fall Day to Help Our Neighbours


Linden students leading fall clean-up activities at the YWCA Woodlawn residence.

Linden Welcomes Holocaust Survivor Edith Gelbard

Hiding Edithby Kathy Kacer, tells the true story of Edith Schwalb, a young Jewish girl who was saved from the Nazis by the courage of the entire French village of Moissac.

Youth in Philanthropy Project Leads to Discovery & Empowerment for Grade 9 Students


Grade 9 student Azadeh was moved by the vulnerability of trans youth to suicide ideation and suicide attempts due to transphobia and bullying.

Withrow Cup: Great to be Back!

Such wonderful energy at this year's cross-country meet! 

Remembering Linden French Teacher Marguerite Andersen

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