Summer Rejuvenation: Thank You, Linden Volunteers!

Posted by Admin on September 11, 2018 at 11:33 AM


As you might have noticed, our classrooms are sparkling with fresh paint and decorated boards. The addition of new shelves and plants in the classroom makes our space more inviting and beautiful. Our thanks to the following volunteers who worked all summer to paint, install shelves, and make repairs and beautiful additions at Linden:

  • Faculty: Coco Lee, Ellen Fowler, Lori O’Leary, Melody Barclay, and Savannah Barker
  • Students: Edie (Grade 11), Gaia (Grade 10), and Jade (Grade 7)
  • Parents: Allison Bain, Alfredo Gaspini, Angela Nowacin, and Bill Joslin

Our thanks to Linden parent Lynne Massey for beautifying the Linden garden and planters at the entrance of the school. They make such a difference!

We are especially grateful to Savannah Barker for taking the lead in organizing this initiative!


Planters by Linden parent Lynne Massey.


A fabulously decorated board by Savannah Barker greets students on the 2nd floor.