Students of All Ages Learn Outdoors

Posted by Admin on November 16, 2021 at 5:58 PM

The benefits of learning outdoors are well-documented. With emphasis on environmental study and understanding of our climate, our Kindergarten–Grade 6 classes recently participated in days full of exploration, learning and lots of fun.

On October 19, the Kindergarten to Grade 4 classes made their way to Evergreen Brick Works. There, students learned about the animals that inhabit the GTA, how our local community interacts with our natural community, and the dynamics of our water system.

Later that week, Kindergarten to Grades 5 students explored High Park and enjoyed community-building activities with their classmates.

Making their way by foot, Linden’s high school students spent a Friday morning away from the school to connect with their surroundings. At Evergreen Brick Works, our Grade 9–12 classes participated in experiential landscape-based learning where they examined the green design and urban sustainability of Toronto’s parks and green spaces.