Week 4: Student Bloggers in September

Posted by Admin on October 04, 2017 at 8:27 PM


Enjoy this week's blog, captions made by the Early Learning students.


I was building a very good castle. A few kids knocked it over and I was upset, and I wasn’t happy. I knew what it still looked like and there was only a few pieces and I got it back up. I just remembered because it was really quick and I put it back up. It was really fun. - K


We were looking at the sunflowers. And then we were watching K build a little. - A

I was playing with A. - P


That’s me and A. I made a sunflower. - P


It’s my castle. - K


I was sitting in Soteira’s class’s chair and I was reading a book. - G

It was a rocky chair. - K


So I was playing school and I was using the markers to write something and the kids can tell me what it is. And K was drawing with me. So then I was trying to make a scribbly castle but it didn’t work so well. - A

It was great! - K


P is tracing the letter. - G 


It’s all of us working togteher. - K

I’m not working, I’m just looking. It was at the art and light table. - A




I am tracing the 't'. - PIMG_0271.JPG

So A was in CERES class and she was making a necklace. - K

I was making a necklace and it was supposed to be for all of the lands. I putted keys on so I can connect it to my toy house. - A


We were making apple sauce with Soteira and then when we were finished we put it on the stove and then we waited and waited and waited until we, or Soteira, heard it beeping. And then it’s the end. - G


That was me talking. - P


So I was drinking my apple juice and I was holding the parachute. And then I was just sitting when I was done my apple juice I was playing with the parachute. - A


I was playing BINGO with Ellen in music / French. - K


I was looking through my microscope. And it was beautiful colours. I made it with sticky blocks. - G


I was building a swimming pool and then I was building a gate for the swimming pool. And I was using the corks. - A


So I was writing my story in pencil. - G

She was writing. - P


I had a butterfly dress and I was plugging my ears and listening to things. And I made my own. How great is that. I loved it and I loved making it. - K


A had the yellow ones and I had the purple ones and that was it. We were playing a game and when me and A winned and that’s the end. - P

We were playing with the blocks and then I was using yellow and P was using purple. Then we were making a pattern and we were doing a game. - A


Big bunny strikes the night and then she strikes the night again. And then she was trapped and then my owner let me go. And then big bunny striked the night again. - G

So I was taking care of her and I gave her a hundred thousand dollars. Also, she was being my pet and she destroyed everything. And I letted her stay but she was bad so she went out. - K


Today I was building with the number blocks and I was playing with everything on that shelf, then I was using the cubes. - A