Week Ten: Student Bloggers in November

Posted by Savannah Barker on November 13, 2018 at 2:57 PM


This week's blog is brought to you by the Early Learning students. Enjoy!


“We were making a zoo and we putted in lots of animals. We putted in an animal pet centre.” – A


“N was building cages.” – AB

“I was building animals in the zoo and then three animals and the spiders go in the zoo.” – N


“I was putting the jewels on my computer. I grabbed those jewels out and I saw some big shapes so I put it on my computer. I love diamonds and they make me shiny.” – O


“I was finished my book and it have a lot of words and a lot of pictures. I did my book with my pictures and then counting and then words. The end.” – N


“I found a yellow leaf and a green leaf and a red leaf, and another red leaf, and we were spinning on trees, AK and me.” – AB

“I had the yellow leaf and we were shaking the tree to help it get off its leaves, and I got a big stick.” – AK


“O was building a house and she was doing perfect.” – AK

“I found an eyeball and I put it on the door so some people could step on the eyeball and the door could open itself.” – O


“I was a step-sister and AK was cooking bugs or fruit.” – AB


“I was making a school and they go on a ravine walk. The treasures are hiding and they’re looking for the teachers. Then the backpacks are on them.” – N


“We were playing step-sisters and AK was Cinderella and I was the step-sister. Also, AK was holding a bug for dinner.” – AB

“I was holding a fish. I was worried that the fish would get eaten because I’m Cinderella and I love animals.” – AK


“That was AK writing a happy face.” – O

“I didn’t do a happy face. And, in fact, I did my initial. I did a silly face.” – AK


“I was picking a card, it was matching.” – N

"We are playing a math game, focusing on finding two cards with the same amounts on them." - Savannah


“I was wearing the bunny hat and it keeped falling down in the ocean.” – O

“I was Ariel and then I was swimming in the ocean.” – N


“I was doing the calendar and I did this – I finished it. And I loved it and I did it really good and I felt like it would never stop and I really don’t want to never stop.” – A


“AB is building a zoo and is working on the cages.” - Savannah


“A was grooming the honey and I was excited to eat it.” – O

“Me too!” – Everyone else