Week 35: Student Bloggers in May

Posted by Savannah Barker on June 03, 2018 at 2:06 PM


This week's blog is brought to you by the voices and perspectives of the Early Learners. Enjoy!


"I was in the back and you can’t see my face because I was drawing. G was drawing a beautiful butterfly. We tried to make butterflies and mine was a beautiful colour.” – P


"We were painting by water and ink. Savannah made paints with ink. I made [a picture of] me blushing. I was really impressed with myself.” – AH

“I was painting drawings and I didn’t really want to throw them out because I loved them so much.” – K


"Ryan was reading a book to us about animals. We were listening to it. I was putting my hand up and Ryan looked around.” – PK

“We were all sitting in a triangle, not really a circle. Ryan was reading something about animals taking care of a child. We had lots of fun.” – AH


"I was making a card and I used the language that said “hai hai”. I said “merci, thank you for doing airplanes with me.” “Hai hai” means thank you in a different language.”


“G made a thank you card and she added a lot of love it it.” – AH

"G wrote “thank you” using many different languages, some which we learned from Ryan this morning.” – Savannah


"In CERES we made a ramp and I had a disco ball. It’s so cool to use a disco ball.” – AK


"N was writing some words on the table. She was writing letters on a practice board and she was using a marker.” – N


"AH was in the back making something at Discovery. I was yelling something into the tube and G was listening.” – K


"I was building a puzzle with the lions toes and the lions face. I was sitting next to it.” – N


"I was in this picture. I was playing the music and AK was playing the drum and K was playing the maraca.” – P

“I liked how K had a rainbow unicorn shirt and a little cute bunny.” – AH


"AH is making something with our tools that we have and then she was trying to build something. The play was today and she was wearing her costume.” – K

“I was making something random. I was trying to make what other people made. That day I had my hair out for the play.” – AH


"At the Pride festival there was a fruit station and P got some. She ate some and she had almost a pattern of fruits: grapes, grapes, raspberry, grapes, grapes, banana.” – AH


“I was matching the card and then I was matching that card. I was playing with T (grade 12) and P and AH.” – N


"Me and D and AH were having a picture and I was sitting on D. We made buttons and I got my button to keep.” – P


“We were taking a picture and AH’s hair was down. Z had lips.” – N

“We were celebrating Pride because Linden respects that anyone can be what they want. You can like anyone you want and you can be gay if you want. It celebrates how different we are and it celebrates that you can be gay if you want to be.” – AH

“M had a flag of rainbows and I got a sign.” P


"I was a raven and K was a unicorn and AK was a ballerina. I had black on my face and K had rainbow on her face and AK had sparkles on her. We had a lot of fun using face paint.” – AH

“AH was wearing a black dress and black shoes. I was just squeezing in and I was wearing my uniconrn horn. AK was wearing her costume.” – K


"Everyone was listening to K and she was picking up her present and M was giving the bracelet to her. Everyone was sitting down and I was yawning.” – K

“It was present time.” –AK


"There were 12 people there and we made a play. I got a little nervous and I think everybody was a little nervous. Most of us were animals and AK was a ballerina. We went on stage and K was laughing so hard. We had a great time and I had a great time watching other people perform. I had a lot of fun making the play.” – AH

“I had face paint and I had a great time.” - K

Watch the Early Learner and Grade 1-2 Drama Night performance of Panda's Party Problem!


"AK was doing yoga on the carpet when it was learning centres.” – K

“I actually wasn’t doing yoga. I was actually going on one foot and balancing a book on my head.” – AK


"I was drawing the letters and when I was doing that I was writing about the calendar. Yellow days are in school but pink days are weekends. Savannah was out of blue [post-its] so we used pink.” – P


"K and me were playing rock climbing and K tied a skipping rope to me. That was my harnerss so I didn’t fall. And I didn’t know how to tie it so that’s why she helped tie it.” – AK