Week Thirty-Three: Student Bloggers in May

Posted by Savannah Barker on June 05, 2019 at 1:45 PM


This week's blog post is brought to you by the Early Learners. All comments are unedited and captured in the voice of each student.


“S was at Math and she was making a triangle on the geoboard. Her flower looks nice in her hair with the picture.” – AB


“I was making a square and then I did other shapes. I used different colours for it. All of the colours I loved on my square, and all the other things on my other shapes I loved too.” – OG


“AB’s building her new home and the kitchen is somewhere and her closet’s somewhere too. Her room is there and her mommy and daddy cooks something.” – NM


“I was doing my solar system and I was colouring in Venus (the planet after the smallest planet).” – AK


“I was looking for birds and there was none birds because I had to keep looking at the ravine walk so I can’t look for more birds.” – NM


“I was drawing an underwater volcano and it had lava at the bottom of the volcano. And where the lava was coming from, it was coming from inside the Earth.” – AB


“So I was making Jupiter and I used the perfect colour for it and I already did the ring one that Savannah was talking about first (Saturn). I did the Sun and the Earth and I already did the other planets on the other black page.” – OG


“So I was making a marble maze. So when you put in a marble they race and if you want to win, and you never got to win, you take the up route and then when you win you can go into the pool.” – SH


“So I made a triangle and a circle and a square and a diamond.” – NM


“Me and S were making our Earth projects and we were both looking at different books. I was looking at the book that you could see through the circles, and S was looking at the one where you couldn’t see through the circles.” – AB


“I was making a crocodile machine and I failed so I made something else.” – AK 


“So we were doing Drama Night and I was waiting for my mommy and daddy. And I can’t believe that my mommy and daddy came in the middle of the time when we were waiting for our parents.” – OG


“Me and O and AK and S were doing our 3D Figures and it was so much fun and we just had the funnest day with Savannah.” – AB


“Savannah took a picture of my alien but my other thing that I was supposed to make, it failed. So instead, I made an alien and I used some brown pieces to make a circle; I used green pencil crayon to draw the circles so I know where I am cutting; I used pink scissors; and now my alien is completed.” – OG


“I was making a marble run that carries water and also I was pretending that I was the one that fixed sinks and sended the water to sinks. And I was a scientist.” – AK


“I was sketching a river drawing the lines and I coloured it in after and I didn’t have time to do the other page so I did it tomorrow.” – OG