STEM 4 a Better World Fair: Linden Scientists Use STEM to Solve Global Problems

Posted by Admin on March 21, 2022 at 12:31 PM

Junior Kindergartener Shae gives her first ever STEM presentation.

By Hannah Schaffrath 

Each year, at Linden’s annual STEM for a Better World Fair (S4BW), students conduct studies to bring forth interesting and groundbreaking views to science and math, and the ways in which they can be applied to solve the world's problems. Students from Kindergarten through Grade 12 have worked with their teachers to create meaningful projects that take a deep look into the world around us and how it relates to the field of science and discovery.

Here are some highlights from this year’s S4BW Fair which took place March 3-6. 

  • With Sanchia Amor in Grade 1/2 and Deanna Harris in Grade 8, students conducted research to dive deep into the world of water. Projects covered topics such as water filtration, freshwater resources, and water withdrawals. With a handful of theories to prove or dispel, our younger scientists conducted experiments using materials such as eggshells and kitty litter, while the Grade 8s used data-based studies to further their theories. 
  • In Kindergarten with Tonja Armstrong-MacInnis, students learned about how our bodies are working on the inside. Students conducted experiments and logged their findings to bring together presentations to help their listeners understand how our vital organs work. 
  • Students in Rebecca Fisher’s Grade 3/4 and Melody Barclay’s Grade 5 classes got to pick topics that were interesting or mattered to them, all starting with a question that they sought out to answer. 
  • With Savannah Barker in Grade 6, students presented projects that touched on topics they’ve been studying in their science, math, language and social studies classes. To go along with their presentations, students also showcased some of their CERES work with interactive scratch projects. 
  • In Grade 7 with Bilijana Cavic, students also got to pick their own topics. Some experimented with guinea pigs, lemonade, and soccer balls. 
  • In Grade 9 with Tharshy Suntharalingham students studied a variety of topics such as the effectiveness of conditioner, and patterns in fingerprints. 
  • In Grade 10 with Bilijana students picked topics that centred around climate change and environmental impacts.
  • Bilijana’s Grade 11 physics class studied the concept of uniformed motion as they worked to determine whether humans are capable of moving in a uniformed way.
  •  Cassie Parkin’s Grade 11 anthropology class presented visual ethnographies of the neighbourhoods around Toronto.
  • Deanna’s Grade 12 Biology students had full control of the organization and execution of their experiments. 

Thank you to our Willing listeners for helping S4BW come to life, and congratulations to all of Linden’s budding scientists! 

Kindergarten students testing out a heart rate monitor.

Grade 4 student presenting her findings as to what type of water is better for plants.

Kai (Grade 5) determines how different types of soda affect teeth.

Grade 6 student presenting her hypothesis on hydroponic vs. non-hydroponic plants.

Grade 7 student Téa uses their own pet guinea pigs for their experiment.

Grade 8 student discussing water stress and water demand for domestic uses in Israel.

Kami and Danuvi Zoli (Grade 9) focused their project on water filtration, the best methods to ensure our water is safe for all purposes.

Annie (Grade 12) explaining their procedure for the uniformed motion experiment.