Spring Rejuvenation 2016!

Posted by Admin on April 11, 2016 at 10:34 AM


Thank you, Daragh, for your wonderful cupcakes! We could really taste that butter!



By Janice Gladstone, Principal

On Saturday April 9, a cold but sunny morning, about 25 teachers, students, parents, and friends gathered at Linden for our annual Spring Rejuvenation event. Coffee, tea, and homemade cupcakes greeted our hard-working community members as they arrived. We worked all morning and were rewarded with a delicious pizza lunch.

Everyone got a chance to choose their favourite task, ranging from organizing and moving furniture, to gardening, cleaning, and painting. Some of the work involved extra scrubbing to get the walls cleaner, as well as small repairs in various classrooms. I must say, though, that there were several comments from parents about how great the school looked in general. Our kudos to Justin for his hard work in maintaining the building. The science lab shelves were cleaned and reorganized. Hardworking people reorganized the library, painted the table, spruced up the space and put a fresh coat of paint on the door. We also started painting the display boards for the art show (to be held on May 30th), and did many touch-ups in the hallways. Our garden was also tidied with new plants and decorative elements. 

A new bench was installed in the reception area as well as coat hooks for visitors. By the way, the bench not only offers great seating if you are meeting someone, but it also discreetly serves as our new lost and found. Please have a look if you are missing something. There are already some shoes and clothes in there. 

We are very grateful for everyone's assistance and I, for one, very much enjoyed the camaraderie, and the satisfaction from a job well done.

Happy Spring Linden!