Smart, Tough Play from Senior Ball Hockey Team — and a 4th Place Finish

Posted by Admin on June 05, 2019 at 7:56 PM

By Beth Alexander, Linden STEM teacher and athletics coach

It's a huge pleasure to have such a huge team, and especially encouraging to see so many 9th graders come out to play. Our team of incredible hockey players had a great tournament day on April 29th. Despite some tough competition and a jam-packed schedule, our fearless players finished with an impressive fourth place standing. Coaches Savannah and Beth were encouraged by the smart and courageous level of play — excellent passes, energetic clears, tenacious defense, and spirited offense — which was no surprise, given the energy and skill shown in practices all season. Our goalie Sarah had an especially incredible tournament day, with her quick reflexes catching the notice of other schools' coaches.

A huge thank you to our drivers, and to a wonderful team: Evy, Carly, Maya, Sam, Rowan, Monica, Inty, Amelia, Bea, Edie, Mieko, Sophie, Isobel, Lili, and Sarah.