Week 10: Peace Talks and Surveying

Posted by Admin on November 10, 2017 at 11:41 AM


This week the Early Learning class was hard at work (and play). We spent a lot of time learning more about garbage, recycling, and compost with the Grade 1-2 class. The girls also helped create garbage and recycling sorting posters that they are eager to display in the gym to support the other students at Linden with waste management. During centres, the girls eagerly painted artwork, built shelters, and even opened a grocery store. Our week together ended with a trip to the Deer Park Public Library, and then a visit to the park. Have a great weekend!


K spends her time at the Art Centre creating a jellyfish. She asks to see a picture to help her add final details to her work.


G jumps at the opportunity to create a November calendar for the class. She focuses the entire time on ensuring her letters and numbers are facing the right direction. Her final product looks great!


This morning during our math lesson, we talked about the number 5. Together we came up with a ton of different ways to represent 5 and wrote them down, and then each girl got to choose two or more ways to represent 5 herself. K used tally marks, the numeral, pictures, dots, and circles.


G designs and builds a car shelter. Carefully, she organizes the cars in the shelter once it is one.


K has figured out how fun dropping marbles down the tube is. She tries not to lift the bottom up, knowing that the marbles will roll all over the classroom if she does.


G takes a closer look at the mirrored tile that she has attached to the flag that she is making during Maker's club. In this club, she has the opportunity to create something new using the available tools and materials. She is learning about being a maker.


With a steady hand, P adds some heart gems onto the airplane that she is creating at Math. 


After spreading the numbered bears out on the carpet with K, a tiptoes through them, careful only to step in the gaps.


K and G decide that during their time at Drama, they want to set up a grocery store. Here, K is reading out the letters of Z's name (in the Grade 1-2 class) and G is writing it down on her notepad. Together, they make sure that they make a list of all 10 girls in both classes - the Early Learners and the Grade 1-2s.


P and A work on their numbers at the Math Centre. They both enjoy using the "practice board markers" to experiment with lines and numbers on the big board.


Last night in Maker's club, G created this incredible pirate ship. She was so proud of her project that she brought it in to show the girls today. A was thrilled to get the opportunity to test out the ship and viewfinder on the roof.


After learning more about how different waste is sorted in CERES, we find creative ways to reuse items that cannot be recycled. P cuts up a coffee cup (which can only go in the garbage) to create a swivel head toy that has a set of eyes and multiple different mouths. 


This year our Social Justice Data Fair project is focusing on food waste. We spend time with the Grade 1-2s listening to a book that highlights different ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle. The girls all are able to make strong connections with the things they are already doing at school and at home, like donating clothes and toys that are too small, creating instruments with recycled materials, or using compost to help plants grow. We can't wait to see what other ideas they come up with about helping our earth.


The Early Learners draw some ideas that they have about how they can better reduce, reuse and recycle waste in the world and/or in their lunches. Some ideas include putting waste in the right bins, ensuring animals don't live in the areas in which landfills are created, and donating old stuffies to kids who might not have them.


During Literacy Centres, K alphabetizes the wooden letter discs to practice letter recognition. This activity also helps her review the directions of certain letters and eliminate letter reversals.


A practices the recent sight words that we have learned in the past few weeks. Using the spinner is a fun way to both read and then write these important words.


G loves this new Literacy Centre. She flies through the uppercase letters, excitedly sharing them with the other girls and myself as she goes. 


This morning, the girls survey Janice. At this point, they are each experts in their questions and read them to her with ease.


At the Art Centre, P and A choose to make a collaborative painting with lots of colours. They are both incredibly calm and focused while they paint, and enjoy painting to the music that we listen to.


In anticipation of Remembrance Day this weekend, we read a book called "The Enemy: A Story About Peace". After discussing what peace looks like and feels like for us, the girls each draw or write their interpretation on a white poppy. White poppies, if you see them around, uniquely symbolize peace.


We are off to the library for the first time together. The girls can't wait to take out books!


M (in Grade 1-2) reads a story about princesses to A while we are at the library.


A great end to the week at the park!