New Writing Buddies Program for Grade 9 and Early Learners!

Posted by Admin on May 22, 2018 at 10:45 AM


By Sophie Greenspoon, Grade 9

Last month, Grade 9 students collaborated with the Early Learning class to write stories. Each week, to get our creative juices and bodies moving, a couple of Grade 9 students planned fun activities with the Early Learners, which included a dance party and a game of "Duck Duck Goose." After moving around and enjoying these fun activities, we paired up with our early learning partners to listen to their ideas and assist them with writing the stories they thought up.

Through this partnership, Grade 9 students have shown leadership and creative skills, and we have gotten to know each student in the Early Learning class. The Early Learners have shown a great deal of creativity, and have improved their writing skills in the process. It has been a beneficial relationship for everyone in both classes, and we have all had a lot of fun too!