Model UN, Copenhagen: Daily Blog #2

Posted by Admin on April 27, 2016 at 8:32 PM


Linden students from Grade 10-12 participated in Rysensteen Gymnasium’s Model UN in Copenhagen, April 28-29, 2016. Below is the second in a series of blogs our students shared with us.  

Today we started off our day by going to Rysensteen at 8am for a Model UN preparation class. We got to meet and hang out with other exchange students from Spain and India (they are all very nice by the way!). After the morning preparation, we had lunch and went to gym class with the students we are living with. Some of us went swimming and some of us did team sports. After gym class, we all had geography class together, where we got to hear about the students' trip to another part of Denmark where there are almost 200m tall cliffs made of the same material chalk is made of! This was the end of the school day and Madelaine, Willow and Luna explored the city together while Hailey, Charlotte and I were taken on a tour of the big shopping district in Copenhagen. The weather hasn't been the greatest, but we are having a great time! We are sharing photos of the shopping district and one of the waterways in Copenhagen that we walked along (and a swan we saw).

By Madison, Grade 11

Everything is going really well and I find that all of the students are getting along and clicking perfectly with most of our home stays (which is awesome). I bike everywhere every day, so it’s really nice to be able to wake up a bit more early before getting to the school or going on tours and stuff. This morning, in order to get to the school I went on a bikers-only-bridge and it was so cool to see. I loved it. When we got to school we learned a bit more about the Model UN and we got to meet the student from India and the students from Spain (they were all really nice). To prepare for MUN we did a mock trial which was really funny/interesting and it pushed us to make speeches in front of everyone and be a little less shy and more comfortable. After that Luna, Hailey, Charlotte and I went out to a cafe with three girls who are hosting and talked about how different Denmark and Canada are and it was really cool. Our gym class was canceled so we got the chance to just hang out and talk to them which was nice. After that, we went to a geography class with them and learnt about some of the stuff they’ve been doing which was also really cool. After school, I went back home and then Madelaine, Luna, and Isa (Luna’s host) all came over to my home stay and hung out and had dinner together and watched a movie which was a really fun time. Tomorrow is the first day of Model UN so I think we’re all nervous and excited!! We’ll update you on how it goes.

By Willow, Grade 12