Middle and Senior Students Build Community at Camp Wahanowin

Posted by Admin on November 01, 2019 at 5:17 PM

By Atheltics Director Deidre Macpherson

As is tradition at Linden, every other year we venture to overnight Camp Wahanowin with our middle and high school students. This year the grades 7-10 students enjoyed a wonderful week in the fresh northern air challenging themselves to a variety of outdoor educational experiences. Linden students enjoyed activities like kayaking, canoeing, hiking, rock climbing, trapeze, zip-line, team ropes, mountain biking, initiative tasks, archery and tennis. It is always fun to see our students positively encouraging their peers, pushing their physical boundaries and building relationships with all of our community members. Thank you to our students for trying new things and a huge thank you to the amazing faculty who attended and supported our girls endlessly: Beth, Coco, Ellen, Sang, Deanna, Elizabeth WM and Vivian!

Some inspirational Linden students quotes about their camp experience:

“I learned that perseverance is key in life. You will never know the result if you never try.” —Caroline, Grade 9
“I learned that I can be independent and I can take care of myself.” —Serena, Grade 8
“ I learned to believe in myself, because I will surprise myself.” —Bridgit, Grade 8
“ I learned that I really enjoy spending a lot of time outdoors and being with my friends.” —Ainsley, Grade 8