Marguerite Andersen Named a Member of the Order of Canada!

Posted by Admin on January 13, 2017 at 10:37 AM


The Linden community, especially our alumnae, are delighted to see Marguerite Andersen receive such an honour — congratulations to one of our amazing founding teachers! This honor comes in recognition of her role as a pioneer in women’s studies in Canada and for her contributions to francophone literature reflecting the Canadian woman’s experience. 

Thanks to Linden's ground-breaking work as a leader in establishing feminist pedagogy at the K-12 level, we have been able to attract highly qualified teachers like Marguerite. A much-loved faculty member, Marguerite started teaching French and philosophy at Linden in 1994 and retired in 2009. 

Marguerite Andersen also recently won the $20,000 French-language Trillium Book Award for her novel La Mauvaise Mère, which was featured by the CBC (New memoir by Marguerite Andersen questions what it means to be a "bad mother,") and by Radio-Canada below:

This book was also translated into English and is available at

Before coming to Linden, Marguerite taught at several universities and also worked as a translator and interpreter for diplomats and writers. She has written several novels, short story collections, and plays and was the editor of Canada’s first feminist anthology in the 1970s, Mother Was Not a Person.