Linden’s youngest learners drive a refresh of our library, inspired by their STEM Fair project

Posted by Admin on April 17, 2019 at 8:33 PM


By Savannah Barker

After learning all about libraries during their STEM for a Better World inquiry project, the Early Learners asked a number of community members the question: "How might we improve the Linden library?". Each student used both the community suggestions and her own observations from public libraries in Toronto to write a list of five things that she wants to do to improve Linden's library.

You can read their ideas in the photos below:



"1. Please put in a bean bag chair. 2. Dress-up [bin] please for everyone. 3. Add a 3D printer. 4. Carpet please. 5. CDs [or DVDs] please.



"1. Add a plant wall. 2. Do a heart art. 3. Add newspaper. 4. Add a carpet. 5. Add a robot."



"1. Add in a living wall. 2. Add in a robot. 3. Add in a bean bag chair. 4. Add in a 3D printer. 5. Take out the phone and put in a computer [that stays in the library]."



"1. Plastic in a [book-making] machine. 2. A robot. 3. More puzzles. 4. [Keep it] clean. 5. Plants."

Next, students met with Janice, our principal, to propose their ideas and find out if any of them are possible. With Janice, we discussed the reasons behind their ideas, the feasibility of certain suggestions, Linden's budget, and the possibility of making their plans come to life in alternative school spaces. Janice approved that the Early Learners could start putting together a "living window", similar to the living wall they saw at the Toronto Reference Library. We were also excited to notice that Brie already moved a carpet into the library from another Linden space.

At Linden, we believe that it is important for all of our girls, even ones as young as the Early Learners, to see that their voice matters and that they are capable of making a difference in their community. We are reaching out to our fantastic and generous community for donations to make the girls' library refresh plans come to life. Please email Savannah Barker if you have something that you are able to donate.

Library Donation Requests:

  • Bean bag chair(s) or a small couch
  • Puzzles and board games
  • Plants
  • Toronto Star yearly subscription
  • Desktop computer

Additional Donation Requests to Support Learning with Tech.:

  • Sphero (robot) — Sphero Mini or Sphero BOLT or Sphero SPRK+

Thank you for your ongoing support with our learning!