Linden’s beloved math teacher and administrator extraordinaire announces retirement

Posted by Admin on August 10, 2021 at 10:54 AM

Dear Linden Community Members,

After 23 wonderful years of visionary teaching and leadership, Nasrin Matini, Linden’s beloved math teacher and administrator extraordinaire, has informed the Linden Board of Trustees that she intends to retire at the end of the summer. We receive this news with mixed emotions, filled with great admiration for her dynamic teaching style, deep appreciation for her dedicated service to Linden, and regret that it must come to an end.

Nasrin Matini started her Linden journey on January 4th 1999, and quickly became an irreplaceable part of Linden, holding many roles over the years including faculty, guidance counsellor, principal designate, and most recently, interim principal.

Although Nasrin loves to tell the story that we did not really want to hire her, nothing could be further from the truth. She entered the building with energy, a clear love of math and with her trademark humility. She claims that math cures all maladies (though even she might admit, except for Covid), it was not just that passion and clear exuberance for math that won her the position at Linden, but her equal love of pedagogy and her deep emphasis on relationships with students. Every day at Linden she demonstrated her confidence in her students’ ability to reach high standards. She modelled in every lesson and every activity in the school that she was a companion traveller on their learning journey. She lived Linden’s mission in all that she did: high academic standards, a strong commitment to the effectiveness of feminist pedagogy, and a fierce advocate for social justice education as a means to plant and nourish the seeds that will create young women leaders who will dare to take on the changes that are needed now and in the future. We made many decisions at Linden, and hiring Nasrin was indeed one of our very best.

—Diane Goudie and Eleanor Moore
Co-founders of The Linden School

To say that Nasrin has been integral to Linden’s success would be an understatement. Her engaging personality, passion for believing in student abilities, coupled with her dedication and commitment to their success, made her an instant favourite amongst students and parents alike. Taking math classes with her was truly transformative — she knew how to tap into each student’s potential and inspire them to discover the joy in math. There is no one who cares more about her students than Nasrin — she has always been there to go the extra mile for them, ready to coach, tutor, mentor and inspire students at a moment's notice.

For years, Nasrin Matini has been a mentor, a friend and powerful inspiration to me and my daughter. It has been an honour and a joy to work alongside her this summer to prepare for another exciting year at Linden. I will miss her energy and dedication to our students.

—Tara Silver
Incoming Principal of The Linden School

Nasrin leaves a remarkable legacy at Linden. We have been fortunate to benefit from her leadership in all aspects of life at Linden, ranging from academic excellence, student well-being, co-curriculars, sports, teacher/curriculum development, to school operations. Above all, her warmth and vibrant sense of humour have been quintessential ingredients in creating Linden’s culture of inclusivity and diversity — giving students an instant sense of belonging and community the moment they walked in through our front doors.

I know I speak for the entire Board in expressing our sincere appreciation for Nasrin’s passionate commitment to The Linden School. Nasrin, we are deeply grateful for the many gifts and joy you have brought Linden over these years—we will miss you more than you can imagine!

Please join us in wishing Nasrin much happiness in her well-deserved retirement — feel free to share a message, anecdote, or photo on her special Kudoboard! We look forward to having an in-person celebration to honour Nasrin as soon as we are able to do so.

Yours sincerely,

Zenab Pathan
Chair, The Linden School Board of Trustees