Linden’s Athletes Revel in Returning to Competitions at Basketball Season Wraps Up

Posted by Admin on January 31, 2023 at 6:42 PM

Linden’s basketball team with Coach Sang Lee.

Linden’s intrepid basketball team’s joy at being back to in-person competitions was palpable in every game, win or lose. Although a playoff spot eluded them this time, team members showed great character, grew as athletes, and had tremendous fun!

“They played with heart and sportspersonship,” said Athletics Director Natalie Stephenson. “They cheered for each other, consoled each other, and always looked on the bright side even when they got a mighty thrashing. There were no divas and no weak links. It was the ultimate expression of teamwork and leadership.”

“They encouraged each other and never gave up, and they had an opportunity to be leaders to mentor each other.” said Coach Sang Lee. “it was amazing to watch their skills develop over the season.”

The players, who were in Grades 8-12, enjoyed having fun together and making new friends in different grades. “The time spent traveling to games allowed them to bond and sing along to some cranky tunes on the radio,” said Natalie.

Thanks to all the players, coaches, volunteer drivers, and everyone who came out to support the team.

The scores from the season can be found here.