Linden Summer Camp Fun!

Posted by Admin on June 27, 2018 at 10:56 AM


By Viviane Kirby, Camp Leader

The Linden Summer Camp is off to a great start! For the first two days at Linden Camp, campers and counsellors have been exploring science and nutrition. We learned how helium changes our voices by altering the environment around our vocal chords, producing higher frequency vibrations; and what different states of matter are, and how chemical reactions can change them as campers made slime and oobleck.

The campers also spent time making chocolate chip cookies and learning about balanced meal planning while making spaghetti with ground beef or tomato sauce.

Everyone is looking forward to our history day with special guest Mel (our Latin teacher), our environment day (including a tour and workshop at the Toronto Humane Society), and our spa and movie day to make a relaxing end to the week!