Linden Students Visit the Ontario Science Centre

Posted by Admin on April 10, 2018 at 10:11 AM


By Savannah Barker, Linden Teacher

On March 7, the Early Learning and Grade 1–2 students enjoyed a visit to the Ontario Science Centre (OSC). The girls were thrilled to take both the subway and the bus to get to the OSC, and they were enthusiastically reading signs and looking out the windows along the journey. Students in both classes also took the opportunity to share other experiences that they have had riding the TTC throughout the city, such as the stations at which family and friends live, or where their extracurriculars are located.

For the morning portion of the visit, the girls took advantage of all of the different hands-on, interactive opportunities in KidSpark. Some highlights were playing at the water table, "riding" in the trunk of the car, climbing up to the look-out, pretending to be doctors, building large-scale marble runs, and "shopping" at the grocery store. In particular, the girls loved being able to direct their own explorations and always made sure that they stuck with at least one Linden friend. After having a lunch break, the classes had time to take a look at the living creatures, including frogs and lizards, and experiment with flight, sound, friction, and technology in the Innovation Centre.

Finally, the girls participated in a fantastic workshop that focused on forces and simple machines. In the workshop, the students learned about the mechanics of pulleys, levers, ramps, and gears, and had the chance to build or work with some of their machines in small groups. 

After an active learning-filled day together, most of the Early Learners and Grade 1–2s fell asleep on the bus ride home. Many of the girls could not wait to tell their families all about the fun experiences from the trip.