Linden Students Featured in Globe & Mail Article on Homework: How much is too much?

Posted by Admin on September 25, 2015 at 10:25 AM


Excerpt from the Globe & Mail article by Marlene Habib, published on September 23, 2015: 

Toronto mining company executive David Bryson can well understand why his three children often like to relax after a full day of classes before hitting their homework.

“My wife [Caron] and I try to give the kids some discretion to decide when they want to tackle the homework, because sometimes they feel they need a bit of time to unwind when they come home from school; I know I feel the same way when I get home from work,” says Mr. Bryson. Their son Cian is a Grade 6 student at Royal St. George’s College for boys, and daughters Daragh and Criona are in Grades 8 and 5, respectively, at The Linden School for girls. Read more...