Linden Senior Volleyball Team Wraps up amazing season!

Posted by Admin on April 17, 2019 at 6:09 PM


Enjoy poetic reflections on an amazing season from the coaches of Linden's senior volleyball team. 

The Linden Senior Volleyball team was something to see

Their development of skill and movement even impressed D!

The team has so many girls with names that start with E

That calling, coaching, and cheers were hard even for T!

We had Ellie, Edie, Ellen, Lily, Sophie, and grade 9 Ann-ie.

These girls had us coaches shouting with glee as we watched the rallies and hits of three!

Equally important and we cannot forget, Juliana, Rowan, Monica and Iso-bel

With this supportive team, there was always something positive to yell!

Did you see that dig?

Hey, what a spike!

That serve was impressive!

We can’t count all the things that we like!

At practice, their skill level grew and grew,

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, the team sometimes played with the junior crew!

Is it really that important that we win them all?

When you have a team that is supportive and willing to use their knee pads to fall?

If you were lucky enough to see these players play

On a rescheduled snow day, and a tournament on Saturday!

You will know that the sets, the volleys, the commitment and drive

Made spectators, coaches, and others feel alive!

We couldn’t be prouder of this team and the positions you played

Power, middle, setter — on the net, you sometimes stayed J 

But have no doubt, and do not fret

This team was the best embodiment of Linden Nation yet!

Thank you team!