Linden Senior Track Team wins 2 SSAF Championships!

Posted by Admin on June 05, 2019 at 7:42 PM

By Elizabeth Forbes, Linden Teacher, and Coach

A double banner day for our track and field athletes competing at York University at the SSAF championships. With a small roster of 10 athletes, we knew would have to take risks and try new events in training, and that on competition day each athlete would have to attempt a very busy competition schedule and dig deep when fatigued to try to pull off our team goals. It wasn’t easy, but with grit and tenacity - goals were realized!

Our runners and jumpers went from one event to the next, from heats to finals, from stretching and refueling during their breaks (but always doing so while on the sideline cheering others on) to helping run the triple jump pit ... they were non-stop all day. In competition, they were focused, technically skilled, strategic in their race plans, and gutsy as can be even when fatigue was starting to set in during the final events of the day.

As we took our team picture at the end of the meet, full of gold, silver, and bronze medals from individual events we awaited the final team results. We couldn’t have been more thrilled to hear that not only did Linden win the U16 Girls AND the U20 Girls championship banners - but we also made Linden Nation history becoming the first team to win an overall team championship at a co-ed event! So it’s true, not just a feeling — on the day we were indeed the smallest and MIGHTIEST team at the championships!

Congrats: Rowan, Inty, Julianna, Edie, Mieko, Ellen, Lili, Ellie, Sophia, Rachel! Such an inspiration to future Linden Nation generations. We are so proud of you. It was a thrill!