Linden Scientists Wow Visitors at Science Fair

Posted by Admin on March 01, 2017 at 11:46 PM


Students, families, and community members joined us at our annual Science and Technology Fair to ask thought-provoking questions, and join in exciting conversations with our young scientists.

"The projects and presentations were both innovative and engaging, and the students spoke incredibly passionately about their work. You have an incredibly talented group of students at the Linden School, all of whom showed a real passion for STEM topics." — Prospective parent who visited our Science Fair.

"As a science teacher I was really impressed last year. This year, as a parent I gained fresh insight into how rich it really is. What a huge effort!  What a brilliant display of deep learning!" — Janice Gladstone, Principal

Watch the slideshow with even more photos on Flickr!

Photo credit: Justin Briginshaw and Farida Sheralam