Linden Languages Night: Where Girls Find Their Voice in Several Languages!

Posted by Admin on February 25, 2022 at 12:31 AM

It was a night of excitement, theatre, and accents as the Linden community gathered online to watch Grades 5–12 students perform skits and presentations in French, Spanish and Latin. Students and teachers brought together performances that highlighted students’ achievements in learning new languages, incorporating topical themes that we discuss in school.

“Languages Night is a reflection of what happens in our classrooms. Students learn with much enthusiasm and happiness,” explains Spanish teacher, Martin Ramirez. “In Spanish what they perform is their own creation. I help them with details, but most of what they do is their own work and creativity. Linden is a place 'where girls find their voice' and they use their voice in several languages!”

Coco Lee’s Grade 9 French class opened the night with presentations that honoured the Indigenous communities who have cared for our land and continue to do so. Each presentation began with students explaining their family’s relationship with Canada, and then covered the history and culture of the people who discovered the land we live on.

“My favourite thing about Languages Night is that it brings together such a range of ages and orientations toward language learning,” says Coco, Senior French teacher. “From the younger students who are finding joy and humour in exploring a new language, to the older students choosing to study multiple languages as electives. Well, I confess, my other favourite thing is the opportunity it presents for the senior students to really strut their stuff!”

Our younger students used their time in the spotlight to showcase their creative spirits through performances and skits written by the students themselves. Melody Barclay’s Grade 5 students brought us a dramatic shopping adventure, while Savannah Barker’s Grade 6 class showed us the behind-the-scenes of a podcast taping.

In case you missed it, you can watch the event here.