Linden Grade 10 Student Alessandra Grant Awarded Hasham Family Scholarship

Posted by Admin on November 23, 2020 at 8:08 PM

Alessandra Grant.

Linden Grade 10 student Alessandra Grant has been awarded the Hasham Family Scholarship in recognition of her academic achievement, contributions to her school and faith communities, and values aligned with the donor family. The merit-based award has a cash value, and also opens up mentoring and networking opportunities.

“Alessandra is a changemaker and I can see her going places,” said Dr. Samim Hasham, “and I can see how The Linden School has helped to set the stage for her success.”

Alessandra is an active volunteer in her faith community, baking for indigenous homeless people and participating in philosophical discussions about society and religion. She is an equally strong member of the Linden community, participating in volleyball, ball hockey, basketball, hiking club, math contest club, and classics club, and she often acts as an ambassador for the school at open house events.

The application process included an essay and interview. “Linden always encourages everyone to speak out in class, ask questions, and share opinions. This helped me feel confident during the interview,” said Alessandra.

Dr. Samim Hasham, philanthropist, provides scholarships to help change the trajectory of lives.

Dr Hasham emigrated to Canada from Kenya in the 1970’s and her husband Al attended Western University. They had little money and few possessions when they started their married life.

She went on to receive her Bachelor’s in Pharmacy from Robert Gordons University in Aberdeen, Scotland, a Master’s in International Health Leadership from McGill University, and her Doctorate in Pharmacy from the University of Colorado. She is currently a sessional lecturer at McMaster and a clinical pharmacy consultant at Canadian Mental Health Association at Peel Dufferin.

“Giving back is a mantra for me,” says Dr. Hasham. Early on, the family decided to focus their philanthropic giving on scholarships. Both her children received merit-based scholarships, and she saw first-hand how they benefited not only financially but also through recognition and exposure to new opportunities, ideas, and networks of people.

“I understand what a scholarship can do when it’s given early on,” said Dr. Hasham, “It can literally change the trajectory of lives.”

The Hasham family supports students through their family foundation, which provides both needs- and merit-based scholarships. They have previously also supported beneficiaries referred by the Canadian Mental Health Association; filling gaps for students who are struggling and may have lost their support from more traditional sources and CAFRIC, a social change organization. In addition, they sponsor a scholarship through the Loran Foundation.

“I’m very grateful to the Hasham Family, and excited about the opportunities that the award will open up,” said Alessandra.

Congratulations Alessandra! We are so proud of you.