Linden Girls on Earth Day: Bad Grades on the Environment for Grown-Ups!

Linden Girls on Earth Day: Bad Grades on the Environment for Grown-Ups!

Posted by Admin on April 25, 2016


Kris Reyes from Global News visited Linden's Grade 5 students on Earth Day and received their feedback on how well we are taking care of the environment.

Watch the full video below and read student reactions to the video!

"We did a lot of takes, but they only included a few of those." — Jadzia

"The people in our class had to have a lot of patience because we had to do a lot of cuts and repeat ourselves. They mostly showed us writing the letter grades but I saw my classmates talk a lot about how adults should take care of the Earth. They should have included our discussion about pollution." — Criona

"They didn't add in the things we said about transportation and stuff. I think it would have been a better story if they'd included that stuff because then people would have gotten the message. I was disappointed that it was one of the last stories in the news because it kind of made it feel like people didn't care about Earth Day."  Alison

"When there are enough people in the car, it's kind of useful because you don't have to pay for the TTC, and the benefit is that you don't have to pollute any more than you have to, and you can save money."  Fei

"If a bunch of people went in cars by themselves, there'd be a lot more pollution than going on the TTC or carpooling. I think it was good for us to be on TV so we could learn about how media spreads awareness, and how there should be more stories about how food gets sprayed with pesticides and about pollution."  Kaleda

"Nature doesn't need us, we need nature, and so we have to help take care of it."  Thea


Grade 5 students with Global News Reporter Kris Reyes, and their teacher, Soteira Hortop.