Linden Community Donates Over 40 Items to Encampment Support Network

Posted by Admin on December 18, 2020 at 2:46 PM

Grade 5 students' philanthropy will help many stay warm this winter.

We extend gratitude to our Linden Community for the generous donations to Toronto’s Encampment Support Network (ESN). Melody’s Grade 5s spread the word around the school for the last few weeks, encouraging everyone to think of those in need. Students created colourful posters and shared passionate announcements as they rallied to gather as many materials for ESN as possible.

Thanks to their efforts and your gifts, we were able to donate the following items to the organization:

  • 2 tents
  • 3 pairs of boots
  • 8 hats, and 1 pair of ear muffs
  • 1 sleeping bag
  • 1 sleeping bag padding
  • 2 pairs of gloves/mittens
  • 1 pair of sweatpants
  • 14 scarves
  • 5 sweaters
  • 2 jackets and $170 for purchasing sleeping bags

Thank you to all who donated big or small.

Linden community donations have been dropped off at the ESN office.