Linden Buddy Group Popsicle Fundraiser

Posted by Admin on June 03, 2016 at 9:20 AM


On Thursday, May 26th, the elementary school held a successful popsicle fundraiser in front of the school. We were hoping to accomplish several goals with our fundraiser, including raising money for Covenant House, The Toronto Humane Society, and the elementary programme at Linden; having fun; and working on a project with our Buddy groups.

The Buddy groups met during All School once a month when the senior students had catch-up classes. Each girl had at least one buddy in another grade. Sometimes, the groups read books together or participated in different projects, such as making posters for our paper towel dispensers. It took us all year to plan our fundraiser. We had to figure out many things, including choosing a school project, choosing a type of food to make, accommodating dietary restrictions, choosing a donor site, shifts for the sale, etc. We made decisions by assigning expert groups to research, having full-group discussions, using sticky notes to make suggestions, asking questions, and finally voting. We also tried to reach consensus when we could.

Some highlights of the event included: making the popsicles (especially when we snuck an extra gummy bear into each fruit punch flavour); making posters; writing slogans for the sale; explaining to by-passers where our proceeds were being donated; seeing the long line of senior students waiting to make a purchase; and EATING!

Thank you to everyone who supported us. We raised a total of $160 for our causes.