LED Circuit-Building Workshop at RSGC

Posted by Admin on January 30, 2017 at 11:18 AM


By Kristy Smith, Grade 6 Teacher

On January 23, Linden's Grade 6 students visited Royal St. George's College (RSGC) to join their junior school students for a Circuit-Building Workshop, which was led by Mr. Chris Darcy. The afternoon started off with fun ice-breaker activities, which helped the students get to know each other, and the boys were very welcoming and happy to have us there.

The aim of the workshop was to enable a hands-on and theoretical understanding of electrical circuits. The girls were delighted to receive their own circuit-building kits that contained breadboards, which are designed with holes to fit the leads of electrical components. Our students were able to improve their problem-solving and troubleshooting skills as they learned various techniques to wire the circuits and small LED lights.

We thank RSGC for gifting the girls their own kits, and we look forward to further field trips to their school this coming spring!