Learning, Physical Activity and Fun Packed into Grade 5-6 Trip to Evergreen Brick Works

Posted by Admin on December 22, 2021 at 8:21 PM

Grades 5 and 6 students picked a perfect snowy day for an urban outdoor adventure.

Suitably bundled up in warm hats, mittens, snow pants, jackets and boots, students and teachers Melody Barclay and Savannah Barker assembled at Castle Frank Station, then made their way to nearby Craigleigh Gardens. Here they met the outdoor education experts who would be their guides on the 1.7 km hike to the Evergreen Brick Works. After a snack and a chance to hear about recent animal sightings, they set off.

During the hike, they learned about forest fires by playing a game similar to octopus that illustrated how forest fires spread. Students enjoyed observing the natural landscape while keeping their eyes peeled for squirrel dreys in the trees and birds in the sky — while taking advantage of perfect “packing” snow to build mini-snow people and roll giant snowballs. “They loved smooshing their faces in fresh snow to make face-prints,” said Savannah.

After “snow-surfing” down the final hill on the hike, they arrived at the Brickworks and made their way to the Children’s Garden. Here students learned how to build a fire, including the need for tinder, kindling, and dry wood for energy to spread because, according to the guide, “fires are greedy”! They learned to safely light and use matches, noting that they flame big and fast at the beginning, then die down and become more controlled. Students were challenged to collect materials to build a fire strong enough to burn a rope above it.

Roasting apple slices over the fire was a highlight. According to one student, “they tasted like apple cider and they are better than roasted marshmallows!”

It was a wonderful, wintry outdoor experience!