Week Two: Birthday Lanterns and Sunflowers

Posted by Admin on September 19, 2016 at 4:00 PM


The early learners had a busy first full week of school at Linden. They were excited, and maybe a little nervous, to be back after the weekend, and quick to remember new routines and expectations. We spent the week working with letters, patterns, exploring materials in building, looking closely at sunflowers to paint pictures and make drawings, act out roles in drama, and have hands-on fun with a version of paper maché. See our experiences through our photo story below:


It's fun learning numbers and colours through songs, colouring, and games during French with Elizabeth. 


Tunnels and hoops are fun ways to learn about 'over/under/through/around' in HPE class. #PlayExploreDiscoverLearn


Tunnels and hoops are a fun way to learn about 'over/under/through/around' in HPE class. #PlayExploreDiscoverLearn


Kindergarten HPE class explores balancing & level changes in Mother Nature's playground. #LetThemPlay #FUNdamentals


G is using gems to design "beautiful letters" in Communication. You can see the care she is taking to lay the gems right on the letter lines.


Z has chosen to write a postcard while spending time in Communication. She is using a name card to write the name correctly!


G is experimenting drawing pictures using shapes in art class.


G is using oil pastels to write her name. Carefully, she traces the letters in her name, taking time to be as precise as possible.


Some grade 7s joined us for our morning routine. They read pictures books to the younger girls.


Z is exploring the Lincoln Logs in the Building Centre after watching a demonstration of ways to use them. She is creating a pathway for her city. 


G is working at the Math Centre. She is using pattern blocks to cover the templates. You can see how much she's enjoying these by all of the finished ones in the line!


M is working on her birthday lantern. First she smeared vaseline all over the balloon, and now she is painting a glue/water mixture over top of doilies to help them stick to the shape of the balloon. When they are dry we will hang them in the classroom, and each girl will paint hers on or around her birthday!


M, G, and G are working together in Building to create a CN tower and a surrounding city. The gems are acting as lights on the buildings, as well as people populating the city.


We have a visitor from the Philippines in Drama today. Z is role-playing a character who has travelled a far ways to visit us, has brought her baby (stuffed purple elephant), and is carrying her belongings with her. 


G is inspired by the Kapla book, and she is creating her own designs based on the images she observes.


G is focused on colouring in all of the white space on the piece of paper that she is using in her artwork. 


We brought in sunflowers today to use as an invitation to paint. Z is working on her second painting, taking time to notice the colours and shapes in the flower in front of her. She stands to get a better perspective.


G is spending her time in the Nature Centre drawing sunflowers. She works through 4 drafts, improving each time. She is using the books to help her get more information about the plant as well, like where the different parts are located and how the whole plant might look (above and below ground).


Z asks Soteira to answer our morning question. As Soteira sounds out each part of her name, Z write down the sounds that she hears.  


M is deep in concentration while she creates an AB pattern using beads. As a group we explored AB, ABC, AAB, etc. repeating patterns, and used a variety of materials to help us create them. When we were done we have over 20 patterns designed!


Z is happy about spending extra time outside, especially when it's pyjama day!


Princess Elsa visited the Early Learning class on Friday!


Z and M exchange money during their time in Drama. First, M had to pay for the food she was buying, and then Z offered to give some [change] back to her.


The girls quietly observe the river and rapids in the ravine. A moment for us all to reflect on the beauty our communities have to offer. 


G, M and Z use their walking sticks to help them balance along the logs at the park.