Languages Night at Linden

Posted by Admin on April 01, 2015 at 1:56 PM

This light-hearted evening showcased a wide variety of student talent and creativity. Grade 8 French students presented food Instagrams - a mouth-watering display of their favourite foods and recipes. The Grade 8 Enriched French students exhibited storyboards for Le vilain petit canard (The Ugly Ducking), a story they had enjoyed so much that they decided to feature it in a video production. The result, complete with sound effects, was highly entertaining. The Grade 9 French students did a digital rendering of their likes and dislikes for 2015. Both projects were an interdisciplinary venture under Computer Teacher David Schultz's guidance, and an excellent opportunity for the girls to display their impressive technical skills.

The Grade 9 Latin students showed off their Latin skills by creating a game which involved taking well-known movie quotes and translating them into Latin. They had chosen some real stumpers which our audience greatly enjoyed! Meanwhile, Grade 9 Spanish student also shared their projects on Latin American countries. Grade 10 students delighted the audience with their rendition of Edith Piaf's La Vie en rose and the sisters Boulay's Par le Chignon du Cou. Grade 10 students also spoke about their projects on famous Latin American women, and Grade 12 students recited the poem Cosas by Gabriela Mistral.

Many thanks to our volunteers who helped with the event set up, and to Martha Muraira, who demonstrated her culinary talent and treated us all to a Mexican feast, followed by amazing pastries from the Tempered Room.