Junior Ball Hockey: The Linden Leafs Make Quarters!

Posted by Admin on May 07, 2017 at 10:09 PM


By Proud Coaches Savannah Barker and Deidre Macpherson

April is playoffs season in the NHL, and even though the Leafs didn’t make it to the quarter-finals—the Linden Junior ball hockey team did!

It was a fantastic day of fast-paced hockey on Friday, April 26 at the Vaughn Sportsplex II, where the SSAF championship tournament took place. Our team played with great effort, tenacity and drive showcasing strong defensive clears, all out hustle to the ball and smart passing on offensive to create shooting opportunities. With a tournament of 8 deeply talented teams, it was a great achievement to make the playoff round, but a strong offensive UMS team (who ended up winning the championship banner) knocked us out of semi-final contention.

Congratulations on an amazing season of growth and perseverance: Hannah, Kaleda, Gabi, Lilah, Intezar, Carly, Evy, Bea, Julia, Liv, Lucia and Emma!