Junior and Senior Track Meet Success!

Posted by Admin on May 28, 2017 at 11:05 PM


Junior Athletes.


Senior Athletes.

By Linden Teachers and Coaches, Ellen Fowler, Tulay Yalcin, and Savannah Barker 

Linden Nation’s athletes shone at their respective meets. Although our practice season was short, our athletes were dedicated, often practicing on their own time. We focused on building our core and working on explosive movements. The athletes mentioned that they felt they had an advantage training for both running and jumping events. As coaches, we loved seeing the mentorship between both Junior and Senior athletes during practice sessions, as peer coaching is a valuable tool.

Senior Track Meet, May 5, 2017

On the date of the Senior Track Meet, the athletes were thankful to be participating in the indoor track facilities at York University, while the outside world had a raging storm going on. Our Senior team showed incredible spirit and initiative throughout the day. This made the meet a breeze for the coaches! Many of our students medalled in their respective events and achieved personal bests. Drum roll, please!

Both relay teams for U16 and U20 came in first place and our U20 girls came home with the banner, while our U16 girls cinched 2nd place overall. We could not have been more proud of these amazing athletes!

Junior Track Meet, May 12, 2017

The sports gods blessed us with a beautiful sunny day for our Junior Track Meet, which was held at the outdoor track facility at York University. During the meet, the students cheered for both Linden and non-Linden athletes. That’s the Linden way! Our Elementary relay came in 2nd place overall and many of our athletes achieved their personal goals. Although it was a long day, they kept their spirits and energy high until the very end. Can’t wait for next season!!

Thank you to our wonderful parent volunteers for driving and supporting the team throughout the season! It means so much to us.