Introducing Linden's Little Free Pantry

Posted by Admin on January 29, 2019 at 11:09 PM


By Beth Alexander, STEM Teacher

You might be hungry because you rushed to school to avoid being late. You might be hungry because phys ed was extra hard today. Or because you're fueling up for a big test. Sometimes you don't know why you're hungry! Whatever the reason, a stop by the Little Free Pantry could solve your problem. The rules are similar to the Little Libraries around our city: If you need something, take something. If you have something, leave something.

Made out of re-purposed items like old shelf boards and a picture frame, the pantry has found a home in a little-used spot next to the East Door.

The Grade 4–5 class helped to draft a set of guidelines for using the pantry safely and fairly, then posted the guidelines under the cupboard. During our discussion, many interesting questions came up: "What happens if it's empty?" (It might be sometimes.) "What happens if something goes bad?" (Beth will check it regularly for spoiled items.) "What if somebody takes everything for themselves?" (We'll rely on people's goodwill and community spirit to use it respectfully, but we won't police it.) So far, it's going well, with both donors and recipients using it every day.

The pantry relies on donations. If you are able to, we are gratefully accepting donations of crackers, dried fruit, and other healthy, non-perishable snacks. Please ask [email protected] if you have any questions.