Week 11: Graphing and Architecture

Posted by Admin on November 20, 2017 at 2:18 PM


This week the girls were hard at work preparing for the upcoming Social Justice Data Fair. One at a time, they transferred the data from their survey into a graph. The girls also shared their learning about their survey question with each other and were excited to see how big each others' graphs were. Our time in CERES this week was focused on learning about gravity and creating marble "rollercoasters". Later in the week, we worked with the Grade 1-2 class on an architecture challenge after reading Iggy Peck Architect together. Like most great weeks, this one ended with a beautiful walk through the sun-speckled ravine. Enjoy this week's pictures and learning stories.


G counts up how many names are in each section of her survey. Writing the total at the top will help her transfer these data pieces to her graph.


G had so many people answer "yes" to her question "do you compost at home?" that she needs to glue down a lot of compost bins on the yes bar of her graph.


A and P enjoy a quick bite to eat during morning recess before they play with their friends.


A takes notes during our marble experiments in CERES. We are testing different types of rollercoaster pathways to see which ones the marbles will move quickly on.


P and Z hold the tubing to test if the marble, starting from P's end, will travel up the tubing.


A, G, and P make an announcement at the start of the JK-Grade 6 lunch period. They tell the girls that they have been learning about garbage, recycling and compost, and that they have some ideas about how Linden girls can make less waste at lunch. They encourage the girls in the gym to make sure their waste goes in the correct bin, and also to pack their lunch in reusable containers.


G and P are hard at work in their store during Learning Centres today. It seems to me like they are selling fruit salad, soup, or juice. 


A makes great progress on her graph. Like G, she counted up the survey responses to her question, "do you like to grocery shop?" and then glued down pictures of grocery carts to make a graph.


This morning during recess the girls are thrilled to have new bubble tubes to try out on the roof. Some of them realized that the wind is so strong that it can actually blow the bubbles for them if they angle their bubble wands in the right direction.


There's nothing better than a big smile during the morning to set a great tone for the day!


A works with S during CERES to design a working marble "rollercoaster". Good teamwork and communication is important when holding up materials and taping them down. These girls were so proud of their successful marble run.


P and G work side-by-side during today's Writer's Workshop. They both spend time shading part of their picture.


P is really getting the hang of the magnatiles, and she enjoys building creative structures with them.


A spends a quiet moment in the Art Centre carefully sketching a design. Every so often, she changes the colour she is using, but makes sure that she continues on the same line.


After being away all week, K is back and ready to make her graph for Social Justice Data Fair. Already she is noticing how many recycling bins she has to glue down on the "yes" bar.


This morning at recess, P, G, and M notice that there is ice on the mini house! Their discovery leads to a discussion between the girls about how ice forms, and why it is showing up now. 


This morning during All School, we are working with the Grade 1-2 girls on an architecture challenge. Here, S, P, and Z work together to build a bridge that will hold up at least one apple. 


M and G are filled with joy when they see that their bridge holds up the first apple. These girls are definitely young architects in the making.


These outdoorsy sisters both found sticks to use as presentation sticks during Social Justice Data Fair.


The Early Learners (without A) show off their perfectly-sized sticks in the ravine. 


We couldn't resist taking a ravine selfie in the beautiful sunshine.


The girls are participating in centres in this afternoon's music/French class to learn three new words: petit, moyen, and grand. K and K are sorting some of the classroom's wooden materials into these three groups.