Grade 8 Robotics Challenge!

Posted by Admin on February 15, 2017 at 4:56 PM


By Beth Alexander, STEM Teacher and Curriculum Leader

"Roberto the Roboto takes your temperature and uses that input to tell your fortune," says Bea. The Grade 8 class has been hard at work designing, building, and coding robots, which will be revealed at the Science and Technology Fair next Thursday.

"It's energizing, knowing that it finally works," says Emma. The girls had to overcome a number of troubleshooting challenges in order to bring their visions to life, including learning how to build the circuitry that runs their robots' motors and sensors, how to code and debug the programs that allow their robots to perform functions and make decisions, and even learn to fix engineering challenges like getting the wheels to move properly. "I loved figuring out what we wanted to do, working out how to do that, and adding extra output devices like LEDs to Einstein, our robot," says Juliana.