21-22 School Year Highlights: Grade 8 ‘Contractors’ Delight Junior ‘Clients’ with Roof Additions

Posted by Admin on August 08, 2022 at 1:41 PM

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By Beth Alexander, Associate Principal, Intermediate-Senior School, and CERES Program Lead

In Grade 8 at Linden, students in the CERES (Coding, Engineering, Robotics, Electronics, and Science) program earn their first high school credit. “Exploring Technology” (TIJ1O or TIJ) is offered as a reach-ahead credit for a variety of reasons, including encouraging students to consider post-secondary pathways in STEM. We know that our students have the skills to take on this challenge!

For the final term in TIJ, the Grade 8 students undertook an exciting and ambitious project: designing and building large-scale projects for the roof. After a planning process that involved interviewing junior school “clients”, the 8th-graders got to work on the many aspects of production, including budgeting, making blueprints, and building scale models as proof-of-concept prototypes. Once the lumber arrived, the heavy lifting began! Students used both brains and muscles to turn the scale models into safe and sturdy structures. After a final safety test by Beth, the projects were complete!

On the last day of regular classes, the junior school arrived for the big reveal! There were many excited and happy faces as students asked the builders questions, played with the new toys, and stood in line for treats from the Tuck Shop. “I was excited to start a new Linden tradition,” said Fiona, one of the Tuck Shop designers. “It was very empowering!” added Merrie.