Grade 6 Presents Biodiversity Study to Principal and Members of Our Board of Trustees

Posted by Admin on June 29, 2016 at 6:04 AM


On Friday, June 10th, the Grade 6 class presented the results of a six-week study of the biodiversity in and around Linden. Joining them for the meeting were Janice Gladstone, David Bryson, and Emma Warnken Johnson. Their presentation included a slideshow and a 30-page booklet of research and findings.

Using primary and secondary research, the class gathered data that allowed them to make a series of recommendations for protecting and promoting biodiversity at Linden, which is crucial for the health of our environment. "Without biodiversity, the cycles of nature can't be maintained. An ecosystem relies on the interaction of many living things," explained Gabi. 

One highlight of their primary research was classifying all of the trees along Rosehill Avenue and in David A. Balfour Park, using a tool called a dichotomous key. They learned that the neighbourhood includes a healthy diversity of 19 different tree species. Tree biodiversity helps prevent the spread of disease and pests like the Emerald Ash Borer. 

In order to learn more about important issues related to biodiversity in our city, the class also generated a list of questions to research, then shared the job of finding answers. For example, Karina learned about ways to protect birds in our city, and Intezar researched the pros and cons of adding rooftop plantings to a building.
The class made a number of recommendations, and asked for support from the administration to implement these in the future. For example, the class would like to see planter boxes reinstalled in the rooftop playground. You can view a copy of their written report here.