Grade 10s Encourage School-Wide Civic Engagement Through Student Vote

Posted by Admin on September 28, 2021 at 10:10 AM

Grade 10 students held a school-wide election.

The start of Linden’s school year coincided with a snap federal election, and Deanna’s Grade 10 Civics students sprung into action. With remarkable speed and skill, the students organized a parallel school-wide student vote based on the riding in which Linden is situated, Toronto St. Paul’s. Not only that, they immersed themselves in learning about the election process itself, as each student took on a specific role such as Deputy Returning Officer, Poll Clerk, or Party Scrutineers.

You can view the comprehensive website they created for Linden students to help them decide how to vote here

Linden students mirrored the actual election result in Trinity St. Paul’s by re-electing incumbent Carolyn Bennett, but the results also contained some surprises. Support for the Green Party among Linden students was significant, reflecting our students’ passion for finding solutions to Climate Change. At 91%, Linden’s voter turnout was also much higher than that of the general population! Here you can see the full results of the Linden vote, and how our results compare to the Canada-wide student vote, and to the results of the federal election.

Grade 10 students Serena (left) and Claire present the Student Vote results over Zoom to Linden's student body.

Our youngest students cast their votes.

One of our youngest students, Shae, casts her vote.