Conservation of Energy & Resources

Posted by Melody Barclay on April 10, 2019 at 3:01 PM


Our class has been learning about conservation of energy and resources. We started by going outside and looking around our community, Deer Park, for the things we saw that used energy or produced energy. We wrote the things down and then we looked at what we had, and created categories that we sorted the things into. For example, cars and trucks went into Machines, and sun and poop went into Natural.

Later to continue our learning, we learned what a watt is. We made hypotheses of how many watts we think the school uses and we tried to calculate how many of them our school uses. We began by brainstorming the things that might use energy in our school and then went around to see how many of them we could find. We used tallies to keep track of how many there were of each item. Then, we went onto computers and researched how many watts each item uses. Then, we used multiplication and addition to figure out the total number of watts our school uses.

The total that we found was 49614 watts or 49.6 kilowatts of energy; however, we recognize that there could be some error in our calculation. We could have gotten it wrong because we didn’t look at everything that used energy and when we researched the energy usage we got approximate values.

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