Week 25: Filled with Spirit

Posted by Savannah Barker on March 30, 2018 at 1:06 PM


The week before March Break is always an energy-filled one at Linden because it's both Spirit Week and International Women's Day! Many of the girls enjoyed dressing up for the theme days, creating signs for our IWD march, and marching along Yonge Street. Going on a field trip to the Ontario Science Centre also added to the excitement of the week. Take a look at all of the fun pictures we took throughout the week.


Brie brought her dog, Whiskey, in to art class as a special treat this week. The girls loved giving him belly rubs, asking him to give high fives, and feeding him treats for his tricks.


In cooking club this week, the group made okonomiyaki, which they described as a Japanese pancake. Yum!


The girls pretend to take the car for a spin at the Science Centre. They tell me that it's fun sitting in the trunk.


P experiments with different keys on the xylophone, and she enjoys how hard she can hit the keys to make sound.


A picks some felt apples that are hanging on the wall. She even manages to reach the ones that are up high (I think all of her practice hanging her coat in her locker independently has paid off).


N pretends to be a doctor and listens to the sound that the stethoscope makes. She asks her friends if she is able to listen to their heartbeats too.


K carefully follows instructions to make a paper plane. The Science Centre has a fantastic space to fly paper planes through different rings.


The Early Learners and grade 1-2s take part in a workshop and learn about simple machines and forces. After experimenting with levers and trying to balance the sides to lift different loads, Z uses the life-sized lever to lift A up in the air. 


After a busy day at the Science Centre, the girls are exhausted. They all fall asleep on the bus ride home.


It's Beach Day today at Linden, and the girls are ready for the sun. K pretends to be the ocean that A (a mermaid) and S (a fish) are swimming through. The rest of the girls rock sunglasses, beach hats, and bathing suits while we're indoors. 


P and G tell me that they are soaking up the sun "at the beach" while we are outside for recess. It doesn't get much better than this.


It is International Women's Day, and we are preparing signs for our women's march. N takes a close look at some of the signs that people have created for other women's marches around the world, and decided on a message that she wants to write on her sign. She settles on "Who's the boss of my body? I am! My body, my business!".


K carries her hand-made sign with pride as we march up and down Yonge Street this morning.

"I am strong and women are strong and girls are strong and men are wrong and women are right and girls are right too."


A and G hold their signs high during the march.


Happy International Women's Day to all of the strong and incredible girls and women out there!


G helps put up a new classroom display to celebrate IWD. The girls have been thinking about strong women in their lives, as well as writing about the special things that come with being a girl.


A finishes up some work before March Break starts, and she somehow finds this position comfortable.


It is "Where's Waldo" day at Linden today and N is all dressed up. She explains that these glasses help her focus.


A is thrilled to borrow a pair of glasses from Soteira to finish off her Waldo outfit. Like N, A claims that the glasses also help her get her "sort and glue" word work done this morning.


G works with pattern blocks to cover different designs, which is one of her favourite math activities. She has made a lot of progress with her accuracy and speed completing the designs over the course of the year. 


P and N spend time painting together at the Art Centre. Together the girls decide which colours to use, who is going to paint where,  and what their painting is of.   


A uses the newly painted boards to set up a store / fort at Drama. She is very proud of her creation and highlights that it was hard work getting the scarves to hold the boards together without falling down.


K designs a group of ant homes and each home has a bear on top to protect and watch over them.


The Early Learners and Grade 1-2s were a hit at the lip-sync competition. 


K gets her face painted as a butterfly by one of the high school students at the Linden Carnival.