Field Trip Fridays - Elementary Students Explore the City

Posted by Admin on November 18, 2019 at 2:59 PM

During our annual Week Without Wall, elementary students had opportunities to explore the rich fabric of our City on a series of field trips planned for successive Fridays in September and October. Here are some of their impressions:

Riverdale Farm

By Aya, Grade 6

Friday 20th September we went on a field trip to Riverdale Farm. I can tell you all about that fun day. We went around in small groups to explore. We had an hour and thirty minutes. These are some animals we saw — cows, horses and sheep. Some of my favorite animals I saw were a cat, chipmunks, chickens and goats. That was a bit about a very exciting trip to Riverdale Farm. I really enjoyed going there but it didn't smell too good there.

Field trip to Toronto School of Art

By Nicki, Grade 6

During week without walls my class went to The Toronto School Of Art. We made scratch boards and sketched objects. First we met our teacher, who was very friendly and kind. She was really creative and talented. She wanted us to do some drawing warm-ups so she put music on and we just let our hand control the page. That was something I would never have thought of for drawing. Everyone picked a prop from the prop room that they wanted to draw. We went in groups and we sketched all of the objects from our perspective. After we made scratch boards, we colored a page and painted a black paste on the page. When we received them I tried mine and it was so cool. I think that was one of the most interesting, fun and amazing fields trips I have been on.


By Fadumo, Grade 6

Friday September 13, I went to Skyzone with my school. I was jumping in the foam zone. I also played Basket Dunk and Dodgeball. I climbed the ladder and helped a kindergarten student climb the ladder. At the end I was wishing that the photo booth was free.