Faculty–Student Basketball

Posted by Admin on December 10, 2015 at 3:50 PM


The annual Staff vs. Student basketball All-School extravaganza sure didn't disappoint! It started with an amazing display of basketball, showcasing the intramural program athletes—their level of skill and strategy on the court impressed all Linden Nation teachers and students. Then the junior basketball team took on the intramural teams in a close match that saw lots of fast-paced action and numerous baskets scored! Next, the junior team challenged the staff team, where they played awesome defense to create many turnovers and add points to the scoreboard.

Finally, the Linden Cup was on the line with the senior team taking on the spirited staff team! After a five-minute overtime it came down to the wire with the next basket winning... and as the teachers’ ball bounced off the rim, the seniors rebounded strongly and dribbled at a blistering pace down the court to drain their next shot! Only TWICE in Linden Nation 'her-story' has the senior team defeated the teacher team! Congratulations to all Linden athletes who always come to play smart, fast, and skilled sport!