Week 30: Egg Drops and Pool Parties

Posted by Savannah Barker on May 06, 2018 at 9:04 PM


If you walked into the Early Learning classroom this week, you could tell that something was different. The girls were filled with the type of energy, excitement, and positive attitudes that only comes with sunshine and warmer weather. Our rooftop beehive was opened back up after being insulated all winter. The girls designed and built structures to protect eggs in a CERES egg drop challenge. In our classroom, the girls' play was filled with pool parties, building cooling devices, and putting on makeup. We even got to enjoy the beautiful lilies for one more day before they lost all of their petals. I hope that you enjoy the photos from the week.


A paints a few more observational pictures of the lilies this morning. She notices that their colour has faded a lot over the weekend. A experiments with using a thicker white watercolour paint to represent the clear vase that the flowers are in.


P pretends to apply makeup while she is learning at the Drama Centre. She explains that she is getting ready for something really important today. P also offers to apply makeup for N (not pictured), or teach her how to do it herself.


N brings her sequinned journal into school today and cannot wait to bring it up to the roof when it is time for recess. She practices writing letters and words. It is a teacher's dream when the girls want to do extra writing practice!


The girls all watch as Patrick, the beekeeper, opens up the winterized rooftop give. He is adding extra honeycomb slats to give the bees some extra space and food to get them ready to go off to find pollen.


M piggybacks K around the roof this morning. The girls are all extra happy today with the sun shining on the roof.


Today's morning math lesson is exploring perimeter and area, and the girls are challenged to measure either are or perimeter of different objects in the classroom. N measures the area of the small book using square tiles. She is careful to cover all of the surface with the tiles and has to readjust the tiles as they shift while she works. Some girls found measuring area easier and faster, whereas others found measuring perimeter easier and faster.


K is enjoying lots of snacks at the pool party.


A sips on her fruit juice while she sits near the pool.


The Early Learners make an announcement together at Greetings about the upcoming Used Book Sale.


A designs a "freezenator" while she works at Math this morning. It makes ice out of water and keeps things cold. 


It is a party on the mini house this morning. The girls were so excited that nine of them could all be on the mini house at once.


A has her parachute ready for the CERES Egg Drop Challenge. She is hoping that it will slow down the egg's speed on its way down.


S and K add in some final pieces of tape to secure their egg to the protection structure they made.


G and G are ready with their egg and are hoping that it doesn't crack. Unfortunately it doesn't survive the fall.


P and M release their egg and their cushioned structure helped it survive the fall. However, when P found it intact at the bottom she enjoyed cracking it herself.


N practices "drive through reading/blending" during this afternoon's Literacy Centres time. First she drives through each sound slowly, and then she drives through them quickly, attempting to blend them together.


A finds a handful of sight words that she recognizes while she and N play "Pop".


K and A work together to match the pictures with the words. They help each other sound out the words one sound at a time.


A works on making a makeup palette when she is at the Art Centre. She then uses a feather as a brush to apply the makeup, thankfully onto a paper not onto her face.


The Early Learners and Grade 1-2s sing Happy Birthday to K while we enjoy gourmet donuts during snack. April is a big birthday month in our classroom.


Thursday afternoons would not be complete without a visit from our reading buddies. It is a nice time for all of the girls to wind down and listen to stories that they love.


During music/French class, the girls took a trip to the park to collect natural materials that they can make music with. The band poses for a photo with their instruments after having fun making music outside.