Early Learners Inspire 100 Acts of Kindness!

Posted by Admin on March 01, 2017 at 7:21 PM


The early learners have been carefully tracking school days on their math calendar since the very beginning of this academic year. 

"Does school end when we reach 100 days?" they recently asked Savannah Barker, their teacher, as they noticed the 100-day milestone approaching. "School will continue beyond 100 days all the way to the month of June," Savannah told them.

Since our Early Learning program is play-based and student centred, it's important to have all class activities initiated by the students. Our teachers ask key questions that allow the girls to determine their learning activities and goals. "How would you like to mark the 100th day?" Savannah asked her students. After much deliberation, the girls decided that they would mark the occasion by having a party to celebrate all things 100.

Their 100-inspired party theme includes:

  • Learning numbers up to 100 by having 100 balloons to count!
  • Starting a list of 100 words to increase their vocabulary
  • Creating a paper chain with 100 links
  • Creating a play building with 100 wooden blocks
  • Making 100-day crowns to wear at the party
  • Writing a book, One Hundred Acts of Kindness, to track all the different ways students have been supported and inspired by each other
  • Challenging the entire school to track 100 acts of kindness before March Break starts

Hats off to our early learners for this wonderful initiative that has inspired the entire school to join their 100 Acts of Kindness activities! Learn more and follow our early learners by reading the Early Learning Blog.


Tracking 100 acts of kindness!


Designing party posters to mark the 100th-day milestone.


Creating a paper chain with 100 links.


Building with 100 blocks.


Building with 100 blocks.


Starting a basic to-do list.


Learning how to make an essential party-planning list.