2021 Annual Giving Appeal

For the first time, Linden has turned to students to spearhead annual giving, including deciding on how best to put your gifts to work. Three of the projects below are student-envisioned. Our 2021 goal is 100% participation. Every donation counts, and no gift is too small to make a difference. Please help bring these projects to life by giving as generously as you can!

Offline fundraising includes the following amounts: 

Principal's Fund: $62.75  |  Bursary Fund: $403.35  | Tuck Shop: $122.00
Student Welcome Packages: $628.07  |  Rooftop Hive: $85.50 |  Rad Refreshing Rooftop Red: $108

* While the Linden School will make best efforts to implement the funded initiatives, unexpected circumstances may result in donations being reallocated at the discretion of the school Principal.