Distance Learning, Term 3, 2019-2020

The Linden School building is closed for Term 3, academic year 2019-2020. We are offering distance learning, pending further notice from government and health agencies.

Linden faculty are working hard to assure the well-being of our students, the continuation of our students’ education, and to uphold our commitment to Linden’s values. Read all about the start of our distance learning program here!

We have prepared the following FAQs to provide more information during this time. If you have further questions, please email [email protected].

Distance Learning FAQs


How will marks or credits be awarded? Is graduation in jeopardy?

No student will be in danger of failing a course as a result of the switch to distance learning, and all students slated to graduate in June will still do so. The Ministry of Education has advised that high school students will earn their credits as long as we deliver the requisite number of hours of learning. We will ensure that this happens

What about the OSSLT?

The Ontario Ministry of Education has announced that the OSSLT is cancelled this year, in order to reduce the burden on students in these extraordinary circumstances. The Ministry assures us that this will not impede graduation.

Will this impact third-term reports?

Students will receive June report cards that reflect the distance learning we have been doing. All assessment plans are supportive of students and acknowledge that this is not business as usual. We will tell you about the breakdown for Term 3 and Final marks, once we receive further directions about this from the Ministry of Education.

My current mark is low and I was looking to improve it before the mid-term marks are in. Will this closure impact my marks?

Please discuss this with your individual teacher.

What supports are available for our students with Individualized Education Program (IEPs)?

Please refer to your daughters’ teachers and our guidance counsellor, [email protected]

What about volunteer hours?

As of April 2, we have not heard anything about volunteer hours. 

Will this impact college and university applications?

We do not believe there will be an impact, however, it's best that you check with your university’s admissions office.

Distance Learning Schedule

What was the rationale behind Linden’s approach to distance learning?

After a lot of research, discussion, and planning, we concluded that the best approach to take with Linden students is through a mix of synchronous and asynchronous distance learning. What that means: teachers post tasks that students can do independently on their own time, and also plan virtual meetings where classes get together. These will vary by age and class, as appropriate. We carefully considered access to technology and the internet when developing our plan.

Attendance, Communication, and Other Topics

How will the school know if a student is “present” or “absent”?

Teachers will be keeping track of how and when they engage with their students, and adding that data to a collective document. That will help us track who is able to work on virtual assignments, and who needs extra support. The school will be in touch if we are concerned about a student’s engagement. Please note that we understand that some students are experiencing circumstances that make engagement more difficult, and we are taking a flexible approach.

How are you keeping parents updated?

  1. Weekly Community Update or Linden Voice e-newletters

  2. Weekly Java with Janice online zoom meeting

  3. As needed updates by email, including updates from the Ministry of Education and Toronto Public Health as we receive them.

What should a family do if things aren’t working?

We think our most important task right now is listening and responding. We understand that different families have different needs and resources, and have tried to accommodate for as many of these as possible. If you are not able to access something you need, please let us know. We will do our best to work things out!

Can non-Linden students join in the distance learning being offered?

We understand that some Ontario students are receiving distance learning resources at this time, and that some are not. In the interests of our students’ privacy and our teachers’ resources, we are not able to invite non-Linden students to attend our virtual classes. So, please do not share Zoom or Google Hangouts Meet links with others. Teachers may be willing to share written and video resources that they have created. Please reach out to the teacher who created it for permission to share, if you receive something that you think others in your circles would find useful. As the situation evolves, we are actively looking for ways to support the wider community, as we believe equitable access to education is one of the most important social justice principles.

Are there any helpful resources and articles you can recommend?

Here is a curated list of helpful links for parents


Will athletic practices and tournaments continue to take place?

During the building closure, we have suspended all athletic activities and events, including practice. More information will be provided once we have had a chance to consult with our partner schools. The fencing workshop has been postponed.

Field Trips, Travel and Special Events

What will happen to graduation? Will we hold Celebration to Greet the Summer?

This is top of mind for us, and a group of faculty have been discussing ways to celebrate our grade 12, grade 8 and grade 6 graduates. Before making decisions, we will consult with students and families.

Will you cancel field-trips and travel?

We have cancelled or postponed out-of-province and local school excursions including the Copenhagen trip. This has been communicated directly to affected staff, students and families. We will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates as information becomes available. As the COVID-19 situation continues to change and widen, it’s our obligation to take steps to ensure the health and safety of our students and staff. We hope our school is able to reschedule some of these planned field trips once the situation improves. 


Is it possible to enter the school building to pick up items?

According to the Ministry, no one--staff or students--may enter the building until we hear otherwise from the Ministry of Health. Prior to the mandated building closure, we made significant efforts to assist those in need of musical instruments or technology while assuring everyone’s safety. Please let us know if you still have urgently needed items in the building in the event that this changes and we are permitted to access our premises.

What kind of cleaning is happening at Linden?

It is part of our normal operating procedures to implement a thorough cleaning and sanitizing of the building over March Break. Although we have no reason to believe that our premises have been exposed to COVID-19, this year we implemented additional cleaning measures and, prior to the building closure, enhanced protocols for entering and leaving the building to assure building safety. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Cleaning of all germs, dirt, and impurities from surfaces or objects. 

  • Cleaning using soap, detergent or bleach and water to physically remove germs from surfaces.

  • Wiping down walls and ceilings. 

  • The use of disinfecting wipes on electronic items that are touched often, phones, computers, etc. 

Before reopening the building we will follow any and all guidelines mandated by Toronto Public Health, and possibly additional measures specific to our community.

Building Closure

How will The Linden School decide when to reopen the school building? How far ahead will this be communicated?

The Linden School will reopen when Toronto Public Health deems it safe to do so.  We are paying close attention to communications from all levels of government and world events, and we are connecting with colleagues from other countries. We will take direction from Toronto Public Health and enact our own precautions before reopening the school.

COVID-19 Information

Where can I get more information about the novel coronavirus?